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Eligibility Requirements

In order for a student to be eligible for extracurricular activities, a minimum of 2.00 overall Quality Point Average (QPA) must be achieved and maintained with all courses considered.

The eligibility for students involved in fall activities will be determined by the final grade from the previous school year. If the students fails to meet eligibility requirements, s/he will lose eligibility for the first four (4) weeks, or twenty (20) school days, of the next grading period and may be assigned to a tutoring program. Summer school grades (from a district-approved institution) may supersede a final grade less than a “C” or “C” equivalent. No more than two (2) courses may be attended during the approved summer school session.

Summer school grades will be reflected by the actual value assigned as a grade for that course. QPA will be recalculated prior to the beginning of the new school year when the summer school certificate is received.

Eligibility shall also be determined at weekly intervals during each sport or activity season by means of an eligibility / grade report from the Skyward Student Information System. The Athletic Director will check both failing and unsatisfactory work to determine eligibility. Students with two (2) or more failing grades will be ineligible for the week and may be scheduled for tutoring. Those students who have a quarterly QPA below 2.0 as reported on the student report card shall be ineligible for the first twenty (20) days of attendance of the next grading period. Coaches / Sponsors will be notified by the Athletic Director and / or Superintendent’s designee each Monday of students who are ineligible and also of those who are doing unsatisfactory work. The principal, Athletic Director and coaches / sponsor will warn those with unsatisfactory grades about their status.

In-School Conduct

If a student is suspended from school (in- or out-of-school suspension) for any reason, the student shall be subject to all social probation during periods of suspension in line with the Discipline Code and all other related activity, club, or team guidelines

Additional Eligibility Standards

In addition to the foregoing academic and conduct eligibility standards, all students must conform to the following:

  1. No student is eligible for that school year if s/he is nineteen (19) years old on or before July 1st .
  2. A student enrolled in a middle school wherein interscholastic athletic competition is limited to grades seven and eight shall be ineligible to compete in an inter-school practice, scrimmage or contest upon attaining the age of fifteen (15) before July 1.  If the age is attained on or after July 1, the student shall be eligible to compete through the school year.
  3. If the age of sixteen (16) is attained on or before July 1, the student shall be eligible agewise, to compete with students in the ninth grade.
  4. A student enrolled in a middle school comprised of 7th, 8th, and 9th grades shall be ineligible to compete in an inter-school practice, scrimmage or content upon attaining the age of sixteen (16) years; except, if the age (16) is attained on or after July 1, the student shall be eligible, age-wise, to compete through the school year.
  5. No student is eligible who has accepted money or prizes or has signed a contract to perform athletically.
  6. A student may not participate in any activity, practice or rehearsal on a day that the student was absent from school.
  7. If absent from school during a semester for a total of twenty (20) or more school days, students will lose their eligibility until they have been in attendance for a total of fortyfive (45) school days following their 20th day of absence.
  8. Students transferring from another school during Grades 9 through 12 should see the Athletic Director to discuss and determine eligibility.
  9. Athletic eligibility will be lost if a student has been in attendance more than eight (8) semesters beyond the eighth grade. Repeating a grade after eighth grade will make the athlete ineligible as a senior.
  10. Eligibility will be lost in a sport for the remainder of the season if, while a member of the high school team, the athlete participates in an athletic contest as an individual or a member of another team in the same sport during the same season, unless the school principal waives this rule by sending am appropriate letter to the P.I.A.A. Executive Director.

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