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College in High School

Collage of Colleges

College in High School (CHS) provides high school students with the chance to earn both high school and college credit in courses delivered by Penn Hills High School teachers.

This program allows students to participate in college-level learning experiences before graduating from high school, while also assisting them in establishing a collegiate transcript for future transfer credits. Students are not obligated to take the course for academic credit unless they choose to do so.  

The following are courses offered for CHS credit. Please note that each college or university requires their own registration and independent payment procedures. Please talk with your teacher for more information. All courses listed below equate with three (3) collegiate credits unless otherwise noted.

In addition to the course offered through the universities below, Penn Hills School District will continue to seek partnerships with other colleges and universities to provide opportunities for our students to earn college credit.  

Should you have questions about whether or not a college or university will accept these credits toward the completion of a Bachelor’s degree, please contact the specific Admissions Office directly.

Recent News

45 Days into the School Year, Student Progress Takes Center Stage

As we hit the 45-day milestone of the school year on October 25, 2023, it's not just a day on the calendar; it represents the culmination of the first marking period. This is a moment to acknowledge the remarkable journey our students have embarked on, filled with growth, learning, and accomplishments.

 Exciting News: Penn Hills School District Joins Statewide Cybersecurity Grant Initiative!

We are thrilled to announce that Penn Hills School District is participating in a groundbreaking statewide Cybersecurity Grant Initiative in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our digital infrastructure and ensuring the security of our educational community.

Penn Hills School District Participates in the National Cyber Security Review

In an era where technology plays an integral role in education, the Penn Hills School District has taken a significant step forward by participating in the prestigious National Cyber Security Review for the first time. This inaugural involvement demonstrates the district's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its digital infrastructure and student data.

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