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Summer Credit Recovery

Summer school /credit recovery is completely online. Families may register their child at their home school for TWO district paid credit recovery courses through the AIU/Waterfront Learning. This is for any CORE courses failed or HS Phys/Ed and HS Health in the past two years.  To register for this district paid credit recovery course Parent/Guardian and student MUST report to the student’s home school and complete the Summer School Credit Recovery Contract.  Please note that any district paid summer course not completed or failed (passing is 60% or better) will require reimbursement from the family. The cost is $275 dollars per course.

*For those courses that were failed PRIOR to the 2021-2022 school year and you would like to pay for the additional course failed prior to 2021: This brochure information is also posted on the school district’s website on each school’s page. These courses are parent registration and parent pay. The list of approved credit recovery courses are in the brochure. Only two total credit recovery courses may be taken each summer.

Recent News

45 Days into the School Year, Student Progress Takes Center Stage

As we hit the 45-day milestone of the school year on October 25, 2023, it's not just a day on the calendar; it represents the culmination of the first marking period. This is a moment to acknowledge the remarkable journey our students have embarked on, filled with growth, learning, and accomplishments.

 Exciting News: Penn Hills School District Joins Statewide Cybersecurity Grant Initiative!

We are thrilled to announce that Penn Hills School District is participating in a groundbreaking statewide Cybersecurity Grant Initiative in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our digital infrastructure and ensuring the security of our educational community.

Penn Hills School District Participates in the National Cyber Security Review

In an era where technology plays an integral role in education, the Penn Hills School District has taken a significant step forward by participating in the prestigious National Cyber Security Review for the first time. This inaugural involvement demonstrates the district's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its digital infrastructure and student data.

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